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darjeeling (by hannygb)
I absolutely despise this whole “our generation” thing.

As if we’re any different from the kids who were born 20 years ago instead of 10 or even the kids who are just now growing up. I’m sixteen. I was born in 1995. I’m smack dab in the middle of the whole “generation” complex. There are people older than me doing it and people younger than me doing it. But really, we are no different than the kids who were born in the 70s or even before. The whole “90s pride” thing is stupid. The whole point of time even progressing is so that things can change. Yes. There were good – and even great – television shows on during that time. But there are good ones now. Can you honestly tell me you have never ever liked a television show that has aired since the year 2001? Just like there were then, there are good shows now. And in the future more will be made.
 Really, this whole generation complex is just an attempt at maturely saying “they don’t understand”. Just like generations have done for decades before. It’s personal isolationism. Kids trying to be misunderstood and create some air of authority/superiority or mystery around what they used to have. Being able to say to your parents “you don’t know what it’s like” or “you don’t understand”. We’ve been doing it for tens of years! The rebellious teenager didn’t start in the late 1980s. It has existed since the coexistence of emotion and teenagers existed. The ‘hipster’ started in the 1960s. Did you know that, kids? That hipster doesn’t mean cats and vintage shit and flannels? Hipster was derived from the bohos – most of them artists. So trying to say “what happened to our generations” is fruitless. Because people have been stupid and ignorant and useless and also brilliant and magnificent for hundreds of years. And that will not cease. So stop tying to assume that because your own golden era was the days that you were in elementary school, because the next generation and the one after that, just like the one before us, will be different. But they will still have all the same problems.
It’s not our generations that separates us. It’s our human-ness. It’s the fact that we are similar in our emotions and different in our perception of them. 

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